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Washington Art Guild
Christene Bugarin
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Lilacs in Spring by Charlotte Atkinson
Delicate              Frolic                  Adhesion            Alligatos II            Bejeweled            Bistro
Jan Filarski
Bonnie Akers         visit my site
Please enjoy these poems. They were written by my Brother-in-law Robert Akers, who passed too soon.
Dandy Lion          Festive              Peek-a-boo                                    eagle                Glancing back
Becky Smith
Joshua Johnston
Susan Kwolek
Pat Banaszek
Joyce Kilpatrick
Floribunda            Inquiry                 Mod Salad           No-Tell-Motel
Diane Chandler
Dinner Time         Serenity                 Joyful 
Charlotte Atkinson
Sue Michels
Marianne Ochalek
Pat Sulak